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Throughout our entire life - from birth to death, in moments of great joy or utter darkness - we are intimately connected with the Open Ground of Being. When we live in conscious connection and understanding of this fundamental reality, our lives become infused with Love and Openness and we know ourselves to be home.

The Open Ground of Being is so unassumingly simple and ever-present that we easily miss it. Innocent misunderstandings, cultural conditioning, and looking at reality through the conceptual mind, make us believe that we are inherently deficient and separate from Love, Life, or Spirit. Not recognizing that what we are looking for is the one who is looking, we erroneously seek then fulfillment and peace in objects, future goals, or special experiences - which is fleeting and temporary at best. Equally, as spiritual seekers we might believe that true love or freedom is a grand place to be found "over there" - or that we first have to get rid of all our problems to find Peace and Freedom.


Annette's offerings center around the recognition of that which is already naturally complete and awake - while also addressing and undoing the old distortions and emotional-somatic imprints that betray our understanding and embodiment of Connection in everyday life.

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"To be whole, we need to include,

accept, and connect all parts of ourselves.

We need acceptance of our conflicting

qualities and the seeming incongruity

of our inner and outer worlds.

Wholeness does not mean perfection.

It means no part left out.”

                                 - Frank Ostaseski

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