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Finding True Connection
with Self and Other



Contemplative Retreat, December 2-9, 2023 @ Blue Spirit Costa Rica

There is an innate, biological desire in all of us to connect and bond with others. When we experience a connection to be overall safe and responsive, caring and respective, we feel nourished and uplifted in countless ways. The quality of our adult connection with others, though, hinges foremost on the relationship with ourselves: How attuned are we to our authentic feelings, legitimate needs, or true values? How grounded and alive are we in our own bodies? And, how deeply can we relax into our natural essence and find a sense of belonging within the larger Whole?

This week invites us to identify and undo the habits that keep us living at a large distance from ourselves and others. Through guided meditations, experiential inquiries, compassionate community, and modern Western psychology on attachment relations and interpersonal neurobiology, we uncover what is already profoundly okay within each of us and re-awaken our capacity to experience more fulfilling and embodied connections with each other and the world at large. Daily movement practices (for all levels) will support our deeper integration.


During our free time, we can unwind habitual tensions in the pristine presence of surrounding nature, enjoy Blue Spirit’s white-sanded beach, swim in the Ocean or saltwater infinity pool and be nourished by Blue Spirit's deliciously nutritious cuisine. There is also the option to book individual bodywork sessions and treatments at the Longevity Center at Blue Spirit.

IMPORTANT: The nature of this retreat is mainly contemplative. If you are not ready to observe silence for parts of this week - in order to deeply befriend  yourself - this retreat is not a good fit for you.

Part of the invaluable team supporting this retreat are: Catrin Kihlborg

and Suma Bouchardon, SE practitioner and bodyworker

SAMPLE DAILY SCHEDULE (to be finalized)


7:00 - 8:00    Movement Practice (all levels)

8:00 -  9:00   Breakfast Buffet & Free Time

10:00 - 12:30  GROUP SESSION

12:00 - 1:30     Lunch Buffet



Free time to journal, unwind, restore, go to the beach, receive indivicual bodywork or treatments in Longevity Center



6:00-7:15  Dinner Buffet

7:15-8:15  GROUP SESSION




Retreat package rates depend on your choice of accommodation & include all taxes, the retreat tuition, your 7-night stay and 3 daily buffet-style meals (gourmet ovo-lacto vegetarian and vegan cuisine, plus local fish being served 3 times during your stay). Food allergies can be accommodated – please inform us about any special needs at least 2 weeks before arrival.

PLATFORM TENT:                             Sgl Occupancy $1,375

ECO COTTAGE:                                  Sgl Occupancy $1,975  /  Dbl $1,645 per person

HERMITAGE ROOM/AC:                 Sgl Occupancy $2,375  /  Dbl  $1,995 per person   

NATURE SUITE/AC:                          Sgl Occupancy $2,850  /  Dbl $2,400 per person

PACIFIC COTTAGE/AC:                   Sgl Occupancy $3,150  /  Dbl $2,400 per person   

OCEAN VIEW/AC:                             Sgl Occupancy $3,250  /  Dbl $2,550 per person   

SUPERIOR OCEAN VIEW/AC:        Sgl Occupancy $3,750  /  Dbl $2,750 per person  


More information on accommodations here :

Inquire for special discount rates for Costa Rican Nationals or long-term Nosara Residents.

Cleanse Program Optional: If you are interested in upgrading your program with a cleanse/detox option (US$195 per person), view more information here:




Arrival day is Saturday, December 2, 2023. Your first meal will be dinner (buffet is open 6:00 - 7:30 pm); should you arrive later in the evening the Blue Spirit staff will save you a dinner plate.

Departure day is Saturday, December 9, 2023. Breakfast on Saturday will be your last meal.

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