Once we had a glimpse of our true nature - the ever-present, Open Ground of Being - our life becomes transformed in unseen ways. When conditioned patterns of believing ourselves to be inherently flawed or separate come up, we are invited to examine these, so that our deeper understanding of Openness and Love can inform our day to day living.

This retreat offers a sacred opportunity to gently see through the collective and personal trances of disconnect, come into a more liberating relationship with what at first sight might appear difficult or dark, and also explore the subtle body as well as the true nature of our physical body. Through a wise blend of guided meditations, non-dual inquiry, contemplative dialogues and safe, supportive community we begin to recognize that all experiences - pleasant or unpleasant - are the luminous display of the Open Ground of Being.


The nature of this retreat is mainly contemplative - and all participants are asked to observe silence for big parts of this retreat in order to lessen the distractions that stand in the way of deep insight and truly befriending ourselves.

Daily Yoga (all levels) and mindful movement practices are offered in support of deeper integration. During your free time you can enjoy Blue Spirit’s white-sanded beach, swim in the Ocean or saltwater pool, unwind in the pristine presence of surrounding nature and nourish your body with Blue Spirit’s gourmet vegetarian cuisine (and, optional, receive individual body-work sessions).


SAMPLE Daily Retreat Schedule



7:00 - 8:15 YOGA/MOVEMENT

8:15-9:00   Breakfast Buffet

9:30-12:30  GROUP SESSION

12:30 - 1:30 Lunch Buffet


FREE TIME to journal, swim, walk on the beach, watch sunset, rest, restore and play

5:00-6:00  Optional: one time during the week, individual mentoring with Annette in small group setting



6:00-7:15  Dinner Buffet

7:15-8:45  GROUP SESSION

Dates for the next RETURN TO THE GROUND OF BEING Retreat are still to be determined.

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